Has your well gone dry?

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This site is for Californians experiencing problems with their private (self-managed) wells (not for residents served by a public water system already regulated by the State). Report your dry well in a few steps and find available resources.

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Tracking Dry Wells in CA

Updated July 23, 2024

Dry Wells Reported - Last 30 Day​s
30 Reported → 233% increase
(from the previous 30 days)
Dry Wells Reported - Year to Date​
108 Reported → 66% decrease
(over the same period last year)
Total Dry Wells Reported
(Outages, Interim Solutions, Resolved)
5,907 Reported

How is this information going to be used?

Information added to this site is intended to inform state and local agencies on drought impacts on household and certain agricultural water supplies. Collection of data is not to be construed as application for local, state or federal assistance. Individuals interested in assistance should visit the State's Drought Assistance web page. Information submitted through this site, except well owner name, contact information and personal address, will be visible to the public.

Data Collection Entails:

  • Contact information for a household experiencing a dry well, in order to connect with local and state assistance providers
  • Water shortage issue and location
  • Well log data (optional)
  • Reporting agency or local government information